Christian nativity Christmas cards

Christian Christmas cards for teachers and classmates

A product that has come from my own need.

Christmas cards for teachers and pupils with a Christian message

The last few years, as I’ve had children of my own, I have found it frustrating buying little cards for them to give to their classmates each Christmas and all that is available is trite Christmas card designs. I longed for child friendly designs that still were full of meaning and Christian truth about Christmas.

Last Christmas, I decided that I would create some of my own to give to my children’s school mates this year.

And I have! I have been working on this pack of gorgeous cards since the idea came to me in March.

Christmas cards for pupils and teachers

So let me introduce you to the nativity teacher and pupil card set.

Nativity teacher and pupil card set.

Nativity Christmas card for teachers

Each card has a gorgeous, child friendly design, with illustrated character from the nativity - these are all children dressed as the characters, so there is a donkey with a child face and little shoes, and a kid dressed as a star (my favourite nativity costume!), as well as a sheep, coveted roles of Mary and Joseph, and three kings who come with their gifts to the baby Jesus. Jesus is not a child dressed up, he may be a doll or a papier mâché handmade Jesus, I’m not sure.

Teacher Christmas cards

You can choose how many teacher cards you need in your set (between 1 and 5 cards), and I will personalise each one with the teacher or classroom assistant’s name. If names are not provided with the order, the cards will just have “Happy Christmas” written on them.

Personalised Christmas cards for teachers

The luxury teacher Christmas cards are A6 and printed with the whole nativity cast on to premium lightly textured paper.

The cards are blank inside, but they have the scripture verse from Luke 2:11 printed on the back of the card. A white envelope is provided for each card.

Back of the teacher and pupil Christmas cards with scripture verse

Christian classmate cards

In the teacher and pupil Christmas card pack, you will receive 30 A7 Christmas cards. There are 3 designs, and you get 10 of each. There is that donkey with his cute red shoes, a sheep and the star. Each card says “Happy Christmas!” and is printed on lovely smooth uncoated card which makes them easy to write on for children still learning to write.

A7 Pupil nativity Christmas cards

These are Bible focused as well, a they have the same verse from Luke 2:11 printed on the back. The first 20 sets to go out will have gorgeous scarlet red envelopes to go with these little cards, and the subsequent ones will have white envelopes.

A7 pupil cards ready to post

Packed and sent with care

I love to pack orders and make them feel really special and as though this is a gift for you as well. Each set of cards is packed carefully in a C5 box which fits through most letterboxes, and the cards are wrapped in navy blue tissue paper, enclosed with beautiful washi tape and a little card is added in to say thank you. The whole thing is recyclable and sturdy enough to withstand any rough postal workers or accidental drops.

Beautifully packaged Christmas card set

I mentioned this set briefly in my 2021 Christmas Card Roundup blog, but I wanted to explain this set better, show off some photos of the set and shine a lamp of its very own on it!

You can get your set here!

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