Christian Christmas gifts for women in 2022

5 Christian Christmas gift ideas for women in 2022

Christmas is a Christian celebration - it is a season where we celebrate the birth of Christ. Helping you impress this season of meaning, each of these gift ideas are made to bless women of faith in your life. Many of these options will be suitable for all kinds of believers, but this list will help you find something perfect for the practising Christian woman to encourage in her faith in Jesus, and her identity as a Christian.

1. Set of Christian tea towels

Set of two Christian tea towels with lists of the names of Jesus on pink and who we are in Christ on navy blue.
This set of two Christian tea towels are a wonderful practical and elegant gift to give a Christian woman this Christmas. Whether she has her own home or is at uni in a flatshare with other Christians, these will be so encouraging to her and anyone else who sees them. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and having these tea towels on display will provide reminders of who Jesus is and who she is in Christ.

Names of Jesus Christian tea towel on pink, perfect homeware for Christmas for a woman of faith

These tea towels are 100% cotton, highly absorbant and keep their colours for years. The first of the two in this Christian homeware set is the Names of Jesus tea towel, hand lettered with a list of names of Jesus on to a dusty pink coloured background. The list includes names like ‘miracle worker’, ‘Lamb of God’, ‘Son of David’, ‘Emmanuel’, ‘Prince of peace’, ‘faithful and true redeemer’, ‘alpha and omega’, ‘vine’, ‘the way’ etc. Having these reminder in your kitchen or reading them as you dry your hand or the dishes is so encouraging and an anchor for the soul.

Identity in Christ tea towel hand lettered on navy blue, perfect homeware gift for Christmas

Manufactured in the U.K. and hemmed by hand, these Christian tea towels are of high quality, and are perfect to give as they come wrapped with a paper belly band. The second in the Christian homeware set is on a navy blue background, hand lettered with words that define our identity in Christ as believers. In Christ, we are chosen, accepted, confident, free, fearfully and wonderfully made, bought with a price, not alone, joyful, heirs, one with Christ, a new creation and so many other things. Again, having this tea towel hanging in the kitchen or using it to dry dishes will bring peace and reassurance in the biggest storms of life. We know who Jesus is and we know who we are in Him.

Christian tea towels wrapped in belly bands perfect for Christmas gifts

£24, set of 2 tea towels. Can be bought individually (£13 each)

2. A candle to read the word and pray by

 A great way to set the mood and make getting up early to pray and read the Word is to have a candle to light. This Christmas, And Hope Designs has two candles which have calm and sweet smells, perfect to start the day with. Both are hand poured in Belfast using soy wax, a cotton wick and fragrance oils of the highest quality, producing candles that have a gorgeous smell when cold and also when lit, making the whole room smell delightful. The amber glass jars come with good quality black plastic lids so that when the candle is finished (after around 55 hours of burning!), the jar is reusable, which means that this candle is kind to the planet as well as just gorgeous when in use.

Still 8oz soy wax candle for Christian women this Christmas

Still is the first of the two available Christian candles, which invites you to be still in the presence of God. It is elegantly fragranced with a sweet rhubarb smell which is perfectly balanced with fresh mint.

Emmanuel, god with us Christmas spice scented candle for advent

Emmanuel is a Christmas spice scented candle, which gives gorgeous cinnamon and marzipan smells even when you haven’t had mince pies in the oven! Perfect for the whole of the advent season and beyond, as it is lit each day to spend time with God. Emmanuel, God with us.

£14.50, 8oz soy wax scented candle in amber glass jar.

3. Set of 2 Christian Christmas baubles

Adore and rejoice Christian hand lettered ceramic Christmas baubles

These ceramic baubles are hand lettered with the words rejoice and adore to decorate your Christmas tree with meaningful decorations. These were wildly popular in 2021, with people getting them for their own Christmas trees and giving as gifts - these make a lovely secret Santa gift or a sweet gift for someone recently married or setting up home for the first time. I gave them as teacher gifts, which was something different and not necessarily teacher related but something to thank teachers and wish them a happy Christmas.

£16, set of two hand lettered ceramic baubles

4. A choice of A4 Christian prints to adorn the home.

Fruit of the spirit giclee print

Having reminders of Christ and his teachings on our walls is a great conversation starter with friends, and a lovely way to adorn our homes for his glory. And Hope designs has a lovely selections of A4 prints suitable for all tastes.

The heavens declare the glory of god wall art print Christmas gift for women

These make great gifts for Christian women, for people recently married or setting up home for the first time. These are also really lovely and thoughtful gifts for students away from home and needing some comfort from the Bible - looking on these truths daily will be a great reassurance. There are options for all tastes, whether they have a small amount of wall space or a huge A3 frame to fill, and whether they would like a verse from scripture on the wall or words of a poignant hymn.

God moves in a mysterious way wall art print - Christmas gift for women

From £14, A4 and A3 Christian wall art prints

5. A Christian prayer journal

A5 Christian prayer journal for women

 Launched in January 2022, this Christian prayer journal has been wildly popular, with some women buying the same journal over and over to continue using as they fill these notebooks with their prayers. On the front of the prayer journal is the verse from scripture that says “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you” (2 chronicles 20:12) which is surrounded by beautiful illustrated florals on a mint green background.

A5 prayer journal or sermon notes notebook

The 72 A5 pages are lined, with a space on the left page for the date and a page on the right page for notes and jotting down anything that comes to mind that distracts when praying. Sometimes, when you pray, there are other things that your mind wanders to and it is handy to write those things down so as not to forget and get back to concentrating on praying.

What better gift can you give a Christian woman this Christmas than the tools she needs to spend more time in prayer with Jesus?

£11, A5 floral prayer journal.

Top tip: Christian Christmas gift wrap

If you want to wrap your gifts with Christ centred gift wrap this Christmas, this “Peace on Earth” Christian Christmas wrapping paper is perfect to give a seasonal yet Jesus-focus to your Christmas gifts.

Peace on earth Christian gift wrap

A beautiful deep blue with gorgeous illustrated satsumas (one of the simple pleasures of winter time) and the words ‘peace on Earth’ hand  lettered in white, this wrapping paper is modern and contemporary, lovely and thick to avoid any peeking, and points to Jesus and his time on Earth which is the whole point of Christmas.

£3, Peace on Earth Christmas gift wrap.

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