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Photo of Anna Hamill, owner of and Hope designs in her garden in Belfast holding one of her gardening heart prints

Hi, I’m Anna!

And Hope Designs was started in pre-covid 2020 after a whole host of circumstances made being a wedding photographer (my previous profession) very tricky. I still needed a creative outlet so picked up my paints and began painting, practicing lettering and doodling with every spare moment. 

It was really relaxing, and people quickly said I should think about selling some of my work. With pandemic restrictions making it obvious a return to photography was not likely for a while, the focus became painting, designing cards and lettering.

I have since launched birthday cards, Christian cards, wedding cards, friendship cards, cards for gardeners, sewers, bakers and new babies, Christmas cards and gifts, Easter cards, notebooks, letterbox gifts and wrapping paper.

Image of some of and Hope designs’ products including recyclable wrapping paper and a wedding day card

it is such a fun process, and I really love creating and releasing new products all made in the U.K., printed in small batches to reduce waste and make designed with care and attention to detail

Running this small business has now become one of the biggest joys of my life, and being able to help people share hope, comfort and love with others is such a delight. And Hope Designs seeks to be synonymous to beautiful and high quality paper goods and commissions, made in the U.K. with as little waste as possible, and excellent customer service and care.


Anna Hamill currently lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland with her husband and their four children, who are a total delight but who keep her on her toes. They are at the age where they are very keen to help so your order will no doubt have been posted by a small human and possibly even stamped by one - please excuse any wonky sticking - they are learning to run a small business and a good work ethic!

Thanks for visiting And Hope Designs - it's great to see you here!

Image of Anna Hamill, owner of And Hope Designs and mother of four in belfast