Alternative fun adult baptism cards with Christian significance

Alternative fun adult baptism cards with Christian significance

Celebrate Spiritual Milestones with And Hope Designs Adult Baptism Cards

Are you searching for the perfect way to commemorate a believer’s baptism in a unique and meaningful manner? Look no further than And Hope Designs' exquisite collection of adult baptism cards.

Hi, my name is Anna Hamill, and my alternative, fun, and different baptism cards are crafted with care, designed to convey heartfelt congratulations and blessings to those embarking on this spiritual journey.

Fun Baptism Cards

Who says baptism cards have to be solemn and serious? With And Hope Designs, adding a touch of joy and celebration to every occasion is the name of the game, and you are here for it. 

That's why this light-hearted baptism card stands out from the crowd and is a bestseller. With a modern design and a fun, yet spiritually significant message, this epic card offers a refreshing take on traditional

No ordinary dip baptism card, And Hope Designs


Whether you're looking for something minimalist and elegant or bold and vibrant, my collection of baptism cards has something for every taste.

Alternative Baptism Cards:

Gone are the days of generic, uninspired baptism cards. At And Hope Designs, celebrating meaningful moments is done with elegance and fun.

This modern baptism card features playful cheerful colours, and the words of the apostles creed beautifully hand lettered in modern calligraphy, that are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Apostles creed baptism card, And Hope Designs


Whether you're congratulating a friend, family member, or loved one, this is a sure winner, and this believer’s baptism card is guaranteed to add meaning and joy to the occasion.

Different Baptism Cards

A baptism card doesn’t have to have the word “baptism” on it. Many of And Hope Designs’ cards suit a baptism brilliantly, and will send a message of support for this momentous decision, and encouragement for the beginning of a new, exciting journey of following Christ.

Here are a few examples of different cards suitable for an adult baptism.

Different baptism card with the words “the joy of the Lord is my strength” hand lettered on bright colours

The joy of the Lord is my strength, And Hope Designs


Alternative believers baptism card with Numbers 6 hand lettered on it

The Lord bless you, and keep you card, And Hope Designs


Pear with fruit of the spirit greeting card
Fruit of the Spirit card, And Hope Designs


I believe that every milestone deserves to be celebrated in style. That's why I’ve worked hard to design a collection of adult baptism cards that are as unique and special as the occasion itself. With these alternative, fun, and different baptism cards, you can express your congratulations and well wishes in a way that truly resonates with the recipient.

Shop the collection today and give a baptism card to a new believer you love and want to support that will bring joy and a “welcome to the family” feeling.

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