A gorgeous bookish gift guide for readers (or wannabe bookworms)

A gorgeous bookish gift guide for readers (or wannabe bookworms)

Bookish gifts are becoming a bigger thing these days, as publishes have understood that people judge books by their covers and have done a lot to make books more attractive. Three other factors that have brought a resurgence in the popularity of books, I think, are Gilmore Girls, people sharing their favourite reads on the likes of Bookstagram and Booktok, and finally, and slightly ironically juxtaposed next to the previous point, people wanting to get back to hobbies that don't include a screen. A lot of people are tired of screens and, well, the real world and love to escape in stories and books, especially if there’s a series.

I love exposing my kids to great books, and they all love to read, so I am hoping I will be able to give them some of these gorgeous products made by U.K. based independent creators, makers and business owners. Championing creativity and well made crafts is so important, and it makes for some lovely precious and unique gifts.

Here are some of my favourite book themed gifts for the book worm in your life.

1. Your favourite book.

Did you know books used to be given as a gift for a big or special occasion like a big birthday or a wedding? One of the best gifts you can give to a book lover is an excellent book recommendation. Get them a lovely copy of your favourite book. These days, publishers go all out on attracting people with the covers, so there will no doubt be a choice of editions and covers - find one that you think will be especially appealing to the recipient.

You could also think about their favourite book and choose a lovely edition of it for them to read and display on their bookcase.

If you’re lacking inspiration, here are my two favourite reads so far this year - feel free to steal these and get a copy (and if you like to read too, get a copy for yourself - you could even read it together like a tiny private book club?!)

The Reason by Catherine Bennetto

The Maid by Nita Prose

You'll love this if you enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and Where the Crawdads Sing.

Okay, I could go on about books forever, but let’s move on to some other gift ideas.

2. A book journal.

I have been keeping track of what I read for years now, but have always used Goodreads until this year when I have been striving to get off devices more and more.

I love listening to audio books but wanted the tangible pen and paper to write my reviews and keep notes of what I have read and what I’d like to read. So I began a book bullet journal. It was a lot of work to set up and it looks quite amateurish if I’m honest. So instead, I set about designing pages to make up an A5 book reading journal. And it is perfect if I do say so myself.

If the person you’re buying for reads 60 books or less each year, this reading journal is perfect. Including monthly round ups, 60 review pages, and trackers to keep note of how many books and how many pages they have read, this book journal is beautifully designed and hand lettered throughout. As well as thick pages and little bookish illustrations to colour in, this reading tracker is so fun, well designed and really useful as well.

Reading journal pages

I actually gave up on my handmade book bullet journal and switched over to this reading journal and it has given me so much joy. It’s neat and tidy but also really beautiful.

This reading journal is available in blush pink, sky blue and emerald green, and has almost 100 5star reviews over the three different covers in my Etsy shop. You can read what people are saying here, but top tip, buy the journal from my website, it’s cheaper here!

3. A duo of bookish prints

Another of my favourite book related products is this set of two prints with quotes to do with reading hand lettered on them beside gorgeous watercolour illustrations.

Set of two book themed wall art prints

They’re printed on gorgeous tactile 320gsm paper and are lovely soothing colours as well to make a reading corner or nook so much more cosy and inviting.

I like big books and I cannot lie print

These are such fun prints with a seasoning of class and elegance. I bet you couldn’t read that one without rapping it…

CS Lewis quote book themed print

I mean, look at that printing quality 😍

Close up of printing quality

4. A tote bag to carry library books home in.

I've wanted to design my own one of these too, but haven't got around to it! So here are a few of my favourites from across the internet, made by other small business owners from lovely high quality materials.

Straight outta the library book theme tote bag

I love this London Books Bookshop one that looks really sturdy and is so stylish as well as bookish. Also, this one that says “I like big books and I cannot lie”. But this library themed one is my favourite (though encouragingly, my idea for a book tote bag doesn’t seem to exist anywhere). 

5. Some awesome book ends

Check this book end out! Who even am I that I get excited by such things? One minute you’re young and cool, the next you’re drooling over… book ends.

Personalised vase book end

But it is amazing, right? It is worth drooling over, isn’t it!

I love making shelves look good as well as being highly useful, though. I’m one of those people who has the books sorted in rainbow order so that the shelves look fun and are a sort of feature. It’s more inviting to pop over and read through the book covers that way. Anyway, adding a potted plant, a picture frame or, well, book ends will also make a bookshelf look more inviting.

Here’s something slightly less high maintenance - I mean it’s still cool, but you don’t need to change the flowers for this one and it’ll be a point of conversation just as much!

Superwoman book end

6. A set of floating bookshelves

Speaking of bookshelves, my husband and I have these floating bookshelves above our bedside tables which look awesome and give much needed space on the bedside table for things like lamps, half finished cups of tea and a handful of Lego that was left on the bed by the toddler.

Invisible floating bookshelf bracket I usually have 3 or 4 books piled up on my floating bookshelf, they’re really sturdy and look the part. Highly recommend.

They’d also look cool in a corridor or a nursery I think, though children’s picture books need to be shown in all their glory - if only adult books had such amazing illustrations throughout.

Books in rainbow colour order on floating invisible bookshelves

7. Book themed pencils

Bibliophile pencils
I love this set of 10 pencils with book quotes on each of them. Or, if you want want to choose your own words, you can get your very own set of pencils printed from Pencil Me In - choose the colours you want and get creative with the words. I think a set with “booktrovert”, “I like big books”, “the book was better” and “book nerd” would be a really fun gift.

8. A cosy book themed sweatshirt

I love a cosy sweatshirt, and especially ones with excellent words on them. I currently have one with Hope Sweet Hope (on brand colour as well!) one with “because He lives” (feels very Narnia, Asian as well as the words of one of my favourite hymns)  and one with “joyeux” (I grew up in France and my middle name is Joy, so this feels very apt.

Anyway, here are a few bookish sweatshirts I may have to add to my collection. This one is to celebrate Sundays being for rest and reading,  this one is in honour of The March Girls and this pun one makes me giggle. Will people get it or look at me strangely?

 Bookish sweatshirts

9. A fabulous mug for that essential cuppa

I am a huge fan of mugs, and I have a collection half the size I’d like it to be. More specifically, I love hand thrown ceramic mugs, especially those made by small business owners who are honing a craft that I wish I knew how to (though I do also have a cherished collection of Emma Bridgewater mugs, and I’d increase that a few fold if I could, too). So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here to give you some inspiration.

 Reading in autumn with a lovely mug of something hot

My mug choosing criteria include dishwasher safe, a decent size (I need more than a thimble of tea when I’m reading a good book) and beautiful in both shape and colour. Bonus for gorgeous and interesting glaze, and local.

 This one from KT Robbins Ceramics, any from Glosters really, but especially the sea foam one, this blush one from Loaf Catering and this huge one from Charlotte Manser Ceramics (pictured below).

Charlotte Manser ceramics green mug

10. You’ll need a book themed card to go with that!

And boy have I got you covered. From my bestselling book birthday card, to one sending (book) stacks of birthday love.

Book birthday card

Or if you’re giving a book gift for someone changing jobs (even more perfect if this is a card you’re buying for a librarian or bookshop personnel), this card is just the right amount of book loving joy. If none of these suit the occasion, I also have a book heart card which has no words and fits all situations and reasons to give a bookworm a card and a bookish gift.

Book heart card

You could even add a bookish sticker or two inside the card to elevate a lovey thoughtful message with a cute surprise inside as well. Check out these book themed stickers.

I hope this little gift guide roundup of British book themed gifts has given you inspiration. If you also love to read and enjoy all the mercy, let me know your faves. I’d also love to know if this has given you the perfect idea for a gift - what did you choose?

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Lovely ideas. Going through a reading phase and my favourite last month was “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus. I had to wait a few weeks to be able to borrow it from the library as everyone wants to read it, but it was worth the wait. A new favourite author is Gillian McAllister – again the library is coming up trumps. I am proud to say that you were a member of the library at about 2 weeks old! As were your siblings. Ever a fan.

Kathie Lambert

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