New mercies

New mercies

Reading the Bible in bed with a cup of tea

Clean washing blowing gently in the spring breeze. A hot cup of tea brought to bleary-eyed-early-morning me. A heave on the bed and climb all over mummy kind of kiss good morning from the littlest love and an “are you awake?” from his older brother. Friends who drop chocolate round just because and neighbours who stop for a chat and ask “how are you?” Hope and mercy breaking forth, as stubbornly as the dandelions pop up from the ground each morning anew.

Clean washing blowing in the breeze

You’ll find mugs and prints and cards with fancy writing on that say “his mercies are new every morning”. But today, in amongst kids, laundry and weeds I can feel it as sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow. His mercies are new every morning. Great is his faithfulness. This is not just something we say to make ourselves or others feel better. It’s a truth. A promise from the one who created all things, paused, reflected and celebrated his creation, calling it good.

Writing about new mercies and noticing the little things in a journal

What mercies do you notice today? I hope you can notice God’s grace in the little things and pause to reflect on his faithfulness.


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