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What to write in a Christian Mother’s Day card

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries and on different dates depending on where in the world you are. In the UK, Mother’s Day falls on a different date each year, generally in March, and it is linked to the Christian calendar. It always falls on the fourth Sunday in lent and is a day that has been renamed popularly from its former name, Mothering Sunday. This year, Mother’s Day in the uk is on Sunday 19th March.

Mother's Day is a great excuse to show your mum how much you adore her with a handwritten card. I can’t tell you what to write in your Mother’s Day card, as the message inside should be personal to you, your mum and your relationship with her. I’ve included some prompts and ideas of what to write to a christian mum in this blog post, which will hopefully give you some inspiration.

I’m a Christian mum myself, and I make greetings cards and other small gifts so I have some experience and know what I’m talking about! This year, I’ve got some of the best and most thoughtful Christian Mother’s Day cards and some top tips on what to write inside to make it a lovely thoughtful card that is personal to you and your mum.

Write about how much you appreciate your mum.

Christian Mother’s Day card with scripture verse from proverbs 31

A Mother’s Day card offers a great opportunity to tell your mum how much you appreciate her. The best way to show your appreciation is by telling her how much she means to you, and write about the ways she has been there for you and helped you. You could be specific and share an anecdote that reminds you of how much she loves and cares for you - perhaps something she has done in the last year so that you can do this each year and make it specific and personal.

Tell her that you are grateful for all the hard work she puts into raising a family, and how much it means to know that she has your back no matter what.

Tell her that she has been an example of love and faithfulness in your life, and how thankful you are for this role model. If there is anything specific that stands out as something special about this woman who raised you - whether it's her cooking skills or her sense of humour or the way she teaches about God - make sure to mention it!

If you have children of your own, you could mention that her faithfulness has been an example as you parent yourself, and you could also commend her for teaching and staying committed to her grandchildren, sharing Jesus with the next generation.

Speak about how her faith has encouraged you and affirmed you in yours.

Tell her how much she means to you.

Mother’s Day card hand lettered with “mum thank you for every little thing and the big things too”

Affirm your mum - this is a great opportunity to show her how much all she has done and sacrificed for you means.

Be personal. Be thoughtful. Then tell her how much she means to you, that you love her, and that she is a blessing in your life. Use specific examples. Make it personal.

Tell her that she is and has been a good mother to you. And trell her about specific memories and times she has been invaluable to you.

Remind her that she is a worthy vessel of God.

Mother’s Day card covered in multicoloured watercolour hearts and the words ‘love you mum’ are hand lettered in the centre in a light pink colour

When you write your mum a Mother's Day card, there are many things that you can say to show her how much she means to you. You can tell her about the ways in which she has impacted your life, or express gratitude for all that she does for you. However, if there is one thing that every Christian mother needs to hear on this day and every day, it is this: a mother's love is a reflection of God's love.

A mother's love is a gift from God! Thank her for being a godly example for you to follow. This is the first and foremost thing that differentiates a Christian mother from a non Christian mum, and her love for you is just a glimpse of God’s love for you. Thank her for showing God’s love through her love and sacrifice for you.

Encourage her to serve and love others with the same passion she shows you.

Mother’s Day card featuring a watercolour illustration of a polar bear and her cub

A Christian Mother's Day card is a great way to encourage your mom in her faith. You can do this by reminding her of what she already does so well: serving others and loving them with the same passion she shows you.

Think of specific ways she serves you and perhaps already also serves others and thank her for her example, showing Jesus to you and to those around you. Encourage her in the service and sacrifice, let her know it does not go unnoticed nanda that you love to see her serve God in this way. Proverbs 31 is a chapter of scripture that has so many qualities a Christian woman should aspire to. Why not write out a verse from it that she embodies!

Thank her for being an example of what it means to be a godly woman.

 Mother’s Day card for a mother, godmother or someone who is like a mum to you thanking them for being a godly example

What makes a Christian Mother’s Day card and indeed a Christian mother more special than others is the example she gives of a godly woman.

Think of Titus 2 and all the attributes of a godly older woman. Thank your mum for being an example of what it means to be a godly woman.

You could also read through Proverbs 31 and choose a couple of the verses that you think your mum has shown particularly well as she has sought to live the life of a godly woman.

Your mother is a reflection of God's glory, and you should take time to thank her for that. She serves as an example of how God works through people, showing them His love and mercy in ways that they can understand. Think about some of the qualities that make your mum such a great person, and then write down how those characteristics have helped shape your own life.

Tell her that she has been a blessing in your life and that you’re grateful for all she’s done for you.

Gardening heart greetings card perfect for Mother’s Day for a mum who loves gardening

Tell your mum that she has been a huge blessing to you. Think of a Bible verse that she loves, you love or that she loves out well and write it in the card. Adding in scripture to your Mother’s Day card will make it all the more special.

As a mother, watching my children grow in their walks with God is such a joy and a privilege. Your mum will love hearing how God is speaking to you, how she has impacted your walk with him and reading scripture you have picked out for her.


A Christian mother's day card is very personal and specific to you, your mum and the relationship you have. But it should reflect on the heart of the mother, focusing on God-honoring qualities such as faithfulness and kindness as well as love for family. You can write about any of these things and come up with specific examples. Make it personal to your mum and her godly qualities.

Remember as well that this is an opportunity to let her know how much she means to you!

Be thoughtful, be personal, be sincere. Funny is also always good, but don't go overboard with it - you don't want to come across as condescending or inappropriate (especially if your mom isn't a Christian).

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