Valentine’s Day gifts for women that will bring a smile to their face

19 unique & amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

19 unique and amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

If you’re looking for a unique and amazing Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life, I’ve got your back and 19 great ideas to give you inspiration and help you find a thoughtful gift. While it is always nice to buy the usual gift (my husband gets a bottle of whisky he’s never tried each year, because that’s what he loves!) choosing something that isn’t the usual chocolates or flowers will make her feel loved and thought of. With so many options out there, finding something she will love can be tricky.

Women are difficult to buy for - I know, and I’m sorry! To help you out though, I’ve compiled a list of 19 unique gifts she'll absolutely love. There’s a lovely range of things, from cute cards to romantic mood setters, I hope there’s something for every woman. This really is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide to find something lovely and unique from a small independent business in the U.K.

What to consider when choosing a gift.

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love and affection. When choosing a gift, especially for your wife, fiancee or girlfriend, it is important to think about the person you are buying it for. What are her interests? What makes her happy? You need to have a good understanding of her preferences before choosing the right gift. This guide includes candles - is there a scent she really loves, or really hates? Notice the type of jewellery she wears - there is something for every style, and choosing right will depend on your observation of what she already owns and clearly loves.

Another consideration is the type of gift you want to give. Would she appreciate something sentimental? Go for jewellery or the set of date ideas. Or would she prefer something practical, like an outdoor activity, a cooking class? Or something in between like a candle tailored to her preferences or the really cool eye mask which is stylish and practical!

Finally, take your budget into account. By deciding on a number you can spend before starting your search, you can narrow down your options and find a great gift without overspending, which is especially important these days - it is never necessary to get in to debt to give a gift to someone you love.

Candles for romance and sweet scents.

1. Rhubarb & fresh mint 8oz jar candle.

Hand poured Soy wax rhubarb and fresh mint candle

As well as romantic, candles evoke memories by using scents. This beautifully branded soy wax candle is scented with rhubarb and fresh mint, bringing back memories of warmer days spent in the garden. Anna hand pours candles in her kitchen in Belfast in small batches of 3-6 candles at a time. All wax, jars, wicks and fragrance oils are sourced in the U.K.

A young mum myself, I can vouch that this candle is perfect for a mum of small children, who wants nothing more than some still, silent calm for a romantic Valentine’s Day! The smell is intoxicating and smells of a quiet summer garden. I can almost hear the birds chirping in the gentle breeze when I smell this candle!

Using hand lettering, watercolour and digital illustration, Anna from And Hope Designs makes elegant yet fun cards, prints, journals, tea towels, candles and gift wrap to bring joy, as well as commissioned paintings for an extra special gift perfect for that big occasion.

Hand poured rhubarb and fresh mint soy wax jar candle, And Hope Designs, £14.50

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2. La Rosée Glass Candle.

La rosée glass jar candle

Made by a Franco English couple, this candle is handmade in Hampshire. La Rosée means The Dew, and has a classic subtle yet rich rose scent - perfect for Valentine’s Day which is synonymous with red roses! This candle will last longer than the flowers and probably smell better than them as well!

Lea and George own Louis & Co Maison, and this candle is one of their personal favourites. In fact, it is the candle they go to to burn in their own home. It is not a sickly rose scent, but much more delicate and classy than you can find on the high street, making it the perfect candle to burn in the bedroom.

Lea and George are inspired by the French Riviera and their aim is for Louis & Co Maison to encapsulate their priorities: hospitality, hosting and enjoying life.

La Rosée glass candle, Louis & Co Maison, £28

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3. The Love One Unique Milk Churn Candle®️ - Red Roses.

Milk churn candle

The Cattleshed Candle Company is based in Oxfordshire and makes unique Milk Churn Candles®️ which are soy wax candles poured into little milk churn containers. These candles are sustainable as they are made with eco-soy wax and the containers are refillable. Some of the containers are being repurposed as candles from their former use as well!

This particular candle, the Love One – Blissful Red Roses is a hand-poured candle that smells like a gorgeous bouquet of freshly picked red roses. If you usually give your loved one red roses at Valentine’s, this is the perfect gift for her that is thoughtful (since you usually get her red roses) and that will last much longer than fresh ones, giving her the love, the smell and something to enjoy for longer.

The love one red roses Milk Chun Candle, The Cattleshed Candle Company, £15

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4. Beeswax Hand Dipped Tapered Candles.

Beeswax hand dipped taper candles.

If a jar candle isn’t really her thing, how about choosing some taper candles instead, which will add ambiance and a romantic atmosphere to your dinner table. Better yet, you could give her these as a gift with a token for a home cooked meal of her choice - or takeaway if that’s more your style!

Old Ways Candle Company makes artisan beeswax candles in traditional ways using various techniques. These candles are hand-dipped taper candles, and come as a pair. They are made from beeswax which gives a gentle natural honey scent and a calming romantic mood with their lovely pure golden wax hue.

Set of two beeswax tapered candles, Old Ways Candle Company, £12

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Let her carry your love with her with a piece of jewellery.

5. "Lexi" Checkmate Wine & Black Heart Stud Earrings.

Wine coloured checkered heart polymer clay stud earrings

If your wife, fiancee or girlfriend loves jewellery, there a unique-to-the-owner item created by Laura for her. No more going out and meeting someone that is wearing the same thing as you!

These fun and grungy heart-shaped studs are made from polymer clay that is a gorgeous deep wine red colour. A black heart checkerboard detail design is printed on them to make these a really lovely Valentine’s Day gift - plenty of hearts without the gushing pink and red. These studs are an understated piece of jewellery with Alice in Wonderland vibes, which can be worn throughout the year and will be a wonderful reminder to her of how much she means to you!

Laura, the maker and creator At Created by Lau is based in Yorkshire and offers handmade jewellery and accessories using Fibre Textiles, Resin, Polymer Clay and Jesmonite. Each piece is unique and one of a kind due to the making process. Laura works really hard and makes all of her jewellery and accessories in small batches. This makes every piece unique and it is also better for the environment creating less waste.

If you are looking for unique alternative jewellery, hit the link and see all the options Laura has made.

Heart shaped polymer clay stud earrings, Created by Lau, £10

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6. Copper Heart on Silver Hoop Necklace.

Copper heart ring necklace

Ah, this necklace is just gorgeous! Handmade by Zoe in her home studio on the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire border, this delicate necklace is sure to become a firm favourite. It is part of Zoe’s Enchantment Collection, which features hearts and is made in a mix of copper, silver and gold. Each piece is intricate and carefully made by hand. This particular necklace is made with a gently hammered copper heart which sits in a Stirling silver circle. This is then attached on to a delicate silver chain.

This necklace is perfect if you want to show your love in a simple way that will stay close to her heart at valentines and throughout the year.

Zoe Ruth Designs is a small business run by Zoe, who handmakes all her jewellery, and also offers workshops, which could be a really lovely idea for any stylish jewellery loving wife or partner if you live close by. You can find out more information on her website!

Copper Heart on Silver Necklace, Zoe Ruth Designs, £40

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7. Embossed Floral Hand Painted Pendant Necklace.

Embossed floral necklace on a chain

This is a lovely one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery with a soft and gentle pink floral pattern. It is a 3D necklace, as it is embossed. It is hand painted for a lovely pastel spring feel. The circle of polymer clay is attached to a silver chain to make a fun and funky necklace. This is a lovely piece of jewellery for a woman who favours pastel light colours, and especially purple and pink.

Abby, the maker of all the jewellery you can find at Abby’s Art Atelier, is a fashion graduate from Essex and she uses polymer clay, resin and mixed media to create earrings and necklaces for all styles.

Embossed hand painted floral necklace on a chain, Abby’s Art Atelier, £10

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8. Silver Hammered Heart Studs.

Hammered silver heart stud earrings

This gorgeous pair of studs are made from hammered Stirling silver, and would go perfectly with Zoe Ruth Designs’ necklace further up this blog. These perfect heart studs are handmade by Anna Calvert from recycled silver and are designed to slot seamlessly into everyday jewellery. They’re also gorgeous coordinated with elegant evening wear, and will be a firm favourite to be worn regularly.

Anna Calvert makes jewellery from recycled silver and gold that you can love and wear every day.

Silver Hammered Heart Studs, Anna Calvert Jewellery, £25

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9. Double Festival Silver Earrings.

Sculpture silver earrings

These sculptural double festival silver earrings are funky and unique with their geometrical shape which look like sideways triangles. Made from eco-sterling silver, these fun and modern earrings are perfect if your woman likes a fashionable and distinctive design. These silver earrings come in a box and are ready for gift-giving.

Eleni Koumara launched Eni Jewellery in 2016 and designs collections of jewellery in London aimed at fashionable, modern women in a distinctive and original style which is unique and easily recognised.

Double Festival Silver Earrings, Eni Jewellery, £67

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10. Gold & Silver Petite Organic Flower Earrings.

Tiny flower gold earrings

Anna is a jeweller who founded Inari Designs. Anna works with recycled fair trade gold and silver and responsibly sourced gemstones. She makes limited edition jewellery in a simple, classic style with touches of contemporary influenced by her Japanese and Spanish heritage.

These petite earrings are influenced by the Japanese in her and resemble the cherry blossom so loved by Japan. They are made with pure silver and 9ct gold and have been sculpted to resemble the little flowers - only these will last a lifetime rather than just a season. 

Tiny cherry blossom silver and gold stud earrings, Inari Designs, £95

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Something to wear - if you know her really well!

11. Pink Leopard “Catnap” Sleep Mask

Pink leopard catnap sleep mask eye mask.

Want to look stylish while getting a good kip? This ‘Catnap’ eye mask features gorgeous illustrated leopards on a mid-pink background on the one side and has leopard print on the other side. It can be worn both ways, and is carefully crafted from the finest silk satin, 100% silk fibre filling and an elastic silk-covered band for a soft but snug fit, giving a satisfying and sophisticated sleep. 

Just Add Style is a creative collaboration by award-winning fashion illustrator Emma Cowlam and graphic designer Lisa Kew. Together, they create luxury silk scarves and sophisticated stationery featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations.

Pink Leopard Eye Mask Sleep Mask, Just Add Style, £35

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12. Red Clutch Bag

Red clutch bag

If your wife, fiancee or girlfriend loves bright colours and especially a bold lipstick red, this clutch bag is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It would go brilliantly with a long black gown and heels for a chic and sophisticated night out. The clutch bag is the perfect size to fit the essentials in and has a wristlet strap for ease of carrying when your outfit doesn’t have pockets (one day, clothing designers will include pockets as standard, but until then, we have gorgeous clutch bags!). It is made of faux leather which has a smooth texture and is wipe clean. The lining inside the bag is cotton sateen with a bold floral pattern.

Sew Sofia makes bags and accessories in eye-catching designs like this lipstick red clutch bag, using functional fabrics including faux leather, cork and laminated organic cotton (which is an eco-friendly alternative to oilcloth).

Lipstick red faux leather clutch bag, Sew Sofia, £35

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13. LOVE Fitted Hoodie.

Love hoodie

The rainbow is a reminder of God’s faithfulness to his people. Home Bird Crafts upcycles preloved clothing and creates new rainbow-inspired sustainable items for the entire family, including this woman’s fitted hoodie with the word LOVE written over and over creating a rainbow.

The hoodie is a great option for a woman who enjoys dressing casually but still wants to look effortlessly good. The hoodie is made using organic cotton, and has cool pockets and pull tags which are white and look great against the deep navy blue of the sweatshirt material.

Love fitted hoodie, Home Bird Crafts, £40

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Fun Valentine’s day gifts for the home.

14. Alphabet Dating - an A-Z of date ideas.

Alphabet dating A to Z cards to give you ideas for dates.

When you’ve been together a while, dates can get a bit samey, so it can be fun to do something a little different to inject some fun. Introducing the alphabet dating cards, which include 3 date activity suggestions and prompts for each letter of the alphabet. These can also be personalised to give the extra thoughtful and special touch, so your wife knows you have thought of her specifically when you chose her Valentine’s Day gift. These cards will be great for creating memories together this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

These alphabet dating cards have been created by luxury stationery brand The Kids Press Company who specialise in beautiful products to celebrate family milestones. The Kids Press Company is run by a twin sister team with the aim of sparking joy and sending love and encouragement in all the milestones of life.

A to Z date idea cards, The Kids Press Company, £15.99

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15. Love Story Scrapbook.

Love story scrapbook

Speaking of making memories together, why not get a Love Story scrapbook made by Scrappy Doodles UK and retell your story so far with photos, quotes and anecdotes. You could give this to your wife filled in, part filled in or with the idea of filling it in together to include all the big moments of your love story so far, and add in some favourite memories of the day to day together as well. A good love story isn’t about just the big things, but about the commitment and faithfulness of the mundane.

Scrappy Doodles UK sells hand made gifts and home decor, and these scrapbooks are their bestseller. They can be personalised for an extra special touch and they are a lovely sentimental gift perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Love Story Square Scrapbook, Scrappy Doodles U.K., £20

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16. Red Heart Lavender Sachet.

Heart lavender sachet

Naila Ahmad is a textile artist since 2016 and works with the traditional art of block printing. Her designs are printed on Scarves, Kimonos (some made with retro fabrics) tote bags, purses, lavender sachets and eye pillows.

This is a handmade and hand printed 4 inches square sachet, made in 100% cotton unbleached calico fabric. It can be hung with a loop. It is generously filled with approx. 40-50 gm of dried English lavender. It will keep on giving you fragrance for years and is perfect for any fashionista's wardrobe.

Red Heart Lavender Sachet, Naila Ahmad London, £10

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17. Handmade Wood Slice ‘I Love You’ Coaster

Wood slice I heart you pyrographic coaster

Made by hand using pyrography, this wooden coaster is a cute little gift for Valentine’s Day when you’ve just moved in or if your love loves a cuppa but has enough mugs (it’s me! Hi!) Wooden You Love makes hand burnt wooden gifts for all occasions. The wood slice is finished with a special varnish to keep it in tip top condition when using it with hot liquids!

Wood Slice I Love You Coaster, Wooden You Love, £8

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18. Leather Heart keyring

Leather key ring with heart shaped key hook

A small but perfect gift that won’t break the bank, this keyring will be perfect for simple, stylish and discreet display of affection. Featuring a heart shaped loop affixed with a piece of vegetable tanned leather in a whole range of colours will remind your wife, fiancee or girlfriend of your love for her when she’s out an about or coming home.

Laura Jessica Designs hand makes small leather goods and accessories using traditional techniques.

Leather Heart Keyring, Laura Jessica Designs, £8.50

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What you need with a Valentine’s gift is a Valentine’s day card!

19. Sloth Valentine’s Day Card

Sloth Valentine’s Day card

If you remember the impressionist painters from your school days, you’ll know they painted all their paintings with lots and lots of little dots. This is what a Catherine has done with her minimalist illustrations - this makes them fun, unique and playful. This Valentine’s Day card features a cute picture of a sloth (known for their long arms) and the words “I love you this much” just above it.

Bamber Prints is run by Catherine who does all the illustrations available on cards, prints and more - there’s so many to choose from, but I love how cute and inviting this sloth is - don’t you just want to give him a big hug?

Sloth Valentines Day card, Bamber Prints, £3.50

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Bonus: And Hope Designs Valentine’s Day cards

You can also find a lovely selection of Valentine’s Day cards designed by me in the Valentine’s Day card section of my website. There is a wide selection of smooth and lightly textured cards, with puns and simply with a message that says “without you I would be lost.”

I hope this list of 19 fabulous options from small business around the U.K. has given you a great idea for a valentines gift for the lovely lady in your life. The one thing to remember is to observe her and her style and choose something she doesn’t already have, that she will love and that will show your care for her and attention to detail.

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