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Mother’s Day for everyone

An introduction to Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day falls late this year, it’s on Sunday 27th March, 2022.

Traditionally, it is an opportunity to show love and thank your mum for all the big and little things she has done and still does for you. Like many other celebrations, Mother’s Day has become heavily commercialised in recent years, and while a bouquet of daffodils and a card would have been more than sufficient in my childhood years, I see advertisements for grand days out, big Sunday meals, and lots of extravagant gifts.

Mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday in lent, and is a celebration of motherly figures. People would have Sunday lunch with their families and mothers after church. It was customary to give maids and servants the day off for them to spend the day with their families. Mothering Sunday, which began in the U.K. and Ireland has been overtaken by the American version of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day in the USA in the second Sunday in may, but after Mothering Sunday had seen a great decline, it came back to the fore when Mother’s Day was declared an annual holiday in the USA. Our Mothering Sunday here in the U.K. is now also commonly called Mother’s Day.

New mother’s day cards.

Mother’s Day cards -and Hope designs - East Belfast card shop

And Hope Designs has 4 Mother’s Day cards that are specifically specifically for mums, and many others which are frequently gifted for Mother’s Day - particularly the Heart Collection cards - perfect for mums who love gardening, sewing, baking or camping, and a hill walking card that says Without you, I would be lost.

 Gardening heart Mother’s Day card - and Hope designs - east Belfast card shop

Mother’s day letterbox gifts

All these Mother’s Day cards can be bought and sent individually, or if you’re looking for something more significant, you can choose to send it with a letterbox gift - add some other flat items into a box that will fit through a letterbox, and this makes a really cute Mother's Day surprise in the post!

 Mothering Sunday letterbox gift including hand painted dinner candles

For Christian mums, I also have a really great Christian Mother’s Day letterbox gift which includes a fantastic prayer journal, Tony’s Chocoloney chocolate and a Mother’s Day card of your choice.

 Christian Mother’s Day gift to send in the post - and Hope designs letterbox gift

Mother’s day for those who find it tough.

Mother’s Day can be a day of delight and joy as we spend time as a family, and as young children draw cute pictures and older ones bring breakfast in bed. But Mother’s Day can be a day of great pain for some.

In recent years, it has become a “thing” to post on Mother’s Day a picture remembering all those for whom Mother’s Day is a tricky and painful day. Women who would love to have children but don’t - whether it’s because they’ve not found a partner or struggle with infertility. People whose mum has passed away; this can be especially raw when just the year before you were enjoying a lovely Sunday lunch with that special woman.

Thinking of you Mother’s Day card for those who have lost mum

For these special women, I also have a new card which you can send to show you’re especially thinking of them on a difficult Mother’s Day.

Again, the card can be sent by itself, or it can be included in a letterbox gift.

Thinking of you Mother’s Day letterbox gift - gift sent in the post

If you’d like, I can hand write the card and send it (and the letterbox gift) directly to the recipient. The message of your choice will be hand written with a fountain pen and my best writing to bring joy and delight to your mum or a women you love who lives far away.

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