Seven gorgeous faith-growing Valentine’s Day gifts for your Christian wife, fiancee or girlfriend

Seven gorgeous faith-growing Valentine’s Day gifts for your Christian wife, fiancee or girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is coming up but it need not be a time to feel pressure to make some big gesture.

Rather, think of your Christian wife, fiancee or girlfriend and ponder how you could encourage her in her walk with Jesus with a beautiful and thoughtful Christian gift this year.

Now you know her better than I do, so you’ll know what she will appreciate better than me.

But pair any of these with her favourite bar of chocolate or a bouquet of her favourite flowers and you’re on to a winner that she will think back to long after the chocolate is gone or the flowers are in the compost heap.

Oh, and while I have you, top tip - no, the chrysanthemum and spray carnations from the local spar or garage down the road is not what I have in mind here! Think florist who knows what they’re doing - you can choose a small posy or little bouquet from there and I can guarantee it will land better than the £6 bouquet of mass farmed roses Tesco are banking on you getting last minute, because "roses are romantic".

1. A simple and helpful Prayer Journal

Christian prayer journal with simple lined pages and 2 chronicles 20:12 hand lettered on the mint green cover

First up in this short list of Christian Valentine’s Day gift ideas is a prayer journal. This prayer journal is so simple in its layout, you have full freedom to write out your prayers however you want to. Invariably though, I find when I'm praying that my mind wanders to many other things, some of which need action. This is why at the bottom of each page I have included a "Brain dump" section to write down anything that comes to mind, so that it no longer needs to distract, and you can get back to praying.

Christian A5 prayer journal with mint green cover and a scripture verse on the cover, simple lined pages with a brain dump section

The cover of this prayer journal has one of my favourite verses hand lettered on it, which says "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. - Chronicles 20:12”. I love this, as so often we are at a loss when it comes to the path forward. But with our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, we cannot go wrong.

And Hope Designs Prayer Journal.

2. A gorgeous minimalist Christian mug

Minimalist ceramic Christian mug with words hand lettered “all I have needed thy hand hath provided”

This Christian mug, large enough to fit a tin of fizzy (this is very important to this mum of little who will ask to share if they know I have it) was designed from my own need of this reminder daily: from the hymn Great is thy Faithfulness, the words "All I have needed Thy hand hath provided" are hand lettered in a deep navy blue onto a lovely minimalist mug, making it the most perfect Christian mug!

All I have needed thy hand hath provided Christian mug in a minimalist rounded style mug

These words are a wonderful reminder of how generous the Lord has been, and remains. I have all that I need, and the Lord has been so generous to me. These words, trust me, are ones every Christian woman needs to hear regularly. Satan loves to make us think that others have it so much better and forget about God's faithfulness, kindness and goodness to us.

Christian mug at Christmas full of hot chocolate and used by an artist sketching a Christmas tree.

360mL of minimalist ceramic goodness with words that are a balm to the soul makes a perfect gift for a young mum who needs a reminder in the midst of daily exhaustion and baby demands, of all that God has done.

And Hope Designs Christian Mug.

3. Reminders of who she is in Christ

Identity in Christ hand lettered tea towel and notebook

The most romantic thing you can do for the woman you love is to tell her how loved she is. And loved, she really is. Both by you and by God. So forget this is a tea towel and count it as a really lovely and romantic Christian Valentine’s Day gift - especially paired with a lovely bottle of sparkling wine or some chocolates - neither require much washing up!!

This Christian tea towel design reminds her of her identity in Christ. That is who she really is. Chosen. One with Christ. Hopeful. Light. Not condemned. Adopted. Accepted. And so on.

These gorgeous hand lettered reminders come in two forms, and you will know better than me which your lovely lady will prefer. The options are a 100% cotton tea towel that is made and hand finished here in the UK. Several people who bought these at my Christmas markets mentioned they were going to frame them - I had them hanging on tea towel holders (as seen below) which are like wooden poster holders but hold tea towels really well, so this can make a lovely hanging gift if you have enough tea towels you wash the dishes with. Mine are hanging in my office and look gorgeous as well as being daily physical reminders of who I am in Christ. These truths are life changing.

Christian tea towel with words hand lettered of our identity in Christ

Hanging identity in Christ Christian tea towel

This identity in Christ design is also available as a lined notebook, so if the love of your life is a journaling notebooks stationery loving kind of person, this is for her - and might be less open to misinterpretation than a tea towel? I don’t know. The hand lettered words (each a truth of our identity in Christ) are printed on the front cover.

Bonus! Both options has a complimenting (navy writing on dusty pink background) Names of Jesus option as well, so you can get one of each - here are links to the tea towel and the notebook.

And Hope Designs Identity in Christ tea towel.
And Hope Designs Identity in Christ lined notebook.

4. A candle for a moment of stillness

Rhubarb and fresh mint soy wax candle in an amber glass jar called Still

Candles are known to be romantic. Up the romance with the intoxicating smell of rhubarb reminiscent of those warm hazy lazy days of summer. This soy wax candle called Still encourages you to sit and be still for a while. Perfect to put on the table for a romantic Valentine’s Day date night. Sans kids, of course.

Rhubarb and fresh mint soy wax candle for a Christian Valentine’s Day gift

Whether life is busy with a taxing job, a handful of children or lots of serving and ministry opportunities (or all of the above!!) a moment to sit with a Bible, a cuppa and a gorgeous smelling soy wax candle is not to be sniffed at (pun completely intended), and this candle has 55+ hours of burn time so you can use it for date night, and then she can light it regularly as she prays, reads her Bible or takes a moment of calm in a busy day.

And Hope Designs Rhubarb and Mint soy wax candle. (Link)

5. A set of 6 affirmation postcards

Christian affirmation postcards about who God is

This is a small gift with a big impact. At the heart of these postcards is a desire to remember who God is. These make a perfect valentines gift for a Christian woman, as they are floral and elegant, with beautifully watercolour painted roses and other flowers. Add to their romantic design fantastic reminders of who God to hang around the house, use as bookmarks or pop  in strategic locations, these are a brilliant way of getting truth into you, and the truth sets you free!

Christian affirmation postcards - he is able, he is faithful

These 6 postcards come with envelopes. A really cute idea is to send these, one a day in the run up to Valentine’s Day, with sweet love notes and encouragement related to the affirmation on the front. This is truly a gift she will not forget. If you’re married, you could leave exchange one on her pillow every evening, and if you’re not yet married, sending them in the post is reminiscent of the love stories of yesteryear and even sweeter. You’ll get so many bonus points for being thoughtful!

Christian affirmation postcards

And Hope Designs Christian Affirmation Postcards.

6. A gorgeous hand lettered archival wall art print

Christian Fruit of the spirit giclée print of a watercolour pear with hand lettered words

There are so many options for this one, you might have to head over to the entire collection and see what your girlfriend/fiancee/wife would like best and choose something that would go with your home aesthetic and personal preferences.

God moves in a mysterious way hand lettered giclee print

Here are some pictures of my personal favourites. Something faith filled and beautiful for the home is always a good idea, and it’ll be a special reminder of this Valentine’s Day together whenever either of you look at it. Like a special little secret just the two of you know about.

Jesus said to them come and have breakfast giclee wall art print

And Hope Designs Christian Wall Art Prints Collection.

7. A sweet card to remind her how loved she is.

And loved she is. Both by you and by God. And Hope Designs started out with five greeting cards, and now has a plethora of options, including a hand lettered verse from Song of Songs - “I have found the one whom my soul loves” - perfect for the perfect woman for you - and two new cards for Valentine’s Day which combine humour and scripture.

Valentine’s Day card with a rocket - love you to the moon and back

You can browse all the Valentine’s Day card options available here.


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