5 simple ideas to make someone feel loved

5 simple ideas to make someone feel loved

As we emerge from yet another lockdown, a lot of people are feeling isolated, down, discouraged, depressed and lonely. Maybe you are, too. I’d like to give you 5 very simple ideas to reconnect with people and make them feel loved, appreciated and noticed.

1. Send a card.

This can be done anytime, and a lot of people have taken the opportunity to send thinking of you cards throughout lockdown. This is great! I have been on the receiving end of a couple of hand written letters and it is so nice to receive! Totally brightens your day when the postie delivers something exciting. I have a wide selection of cards you can choose from - they are all printed on super high quality lightly textured card, and are a pleasure to send and a delight to receive. I have cards for all occasions, or just to send an “I miss you” note.

2. Send a letterbox gift.

What says “I’m thinking of you” better than a letterbox gift tailored to the recipient? You can get letterbox gifts in so many different options these day, and the point is that they fit through the letterbox so they don’t need to be in to receive it. I have received letterbox flowers from Bunches, and a Stitch with Susie sewing hoop - the virtual hugs one! How thoughtful! There are so many out there though, from chocolate and notebooks, to a pampering box, brownies and pocket mirrors.

The letterbox gift I currently offer contains a card of your choice hand written with your message to the recipient, a bar of soap, a packet of wildflower seeds and a set of This I Know postcards which each have an attribute of God to anchor the soul.

3. Pop by with cake and a flask of tea.

If you live locally, you can do this even with the current restrictions. Fill a flask with tea, coffee or hot chocolate (whatever you feel they would like most!) and either pop and get something baked or bake it yourself and hear round for a catch up. If you don’t think they’d appreciate this, you could just pop round with cake and leave. Who would not love someone to do that? So thoughtful and there’s no pressure.

Anna hamill in the garden with a cup of tea

4. Send a text and answer promptly.

I love getting a text asking how I am. What makes me feel a bit less valued is when I reply and I get tumbleweed back. I appreciate people are busy but when you’ve gone out of your way to send a text, make that person actually feel loved by answering theirs. I get so cross if someone texts asking how I am, I reply and ask them questions and get nothing back. People are genuinely interested and feel like they’re not worthy of information if you don’t let them know in return what you’ve been up to. So to make someone feel loved, make sure you answer texts.

5. Offer to help.

Come up with a specific offer of help and put it to them. Don’t just say “let me know if I can do anything to help.” Think of something that will help and offer it. Here are a few suggestions. “I’d love to make you dinner and bring it round. Which evening suits best this week?” or “Do you have plans for Saturday? Would you like to drop your kids off at ours for the afternoon?” or “I’m heading to the supermaket this afternoon. Is there anything I can drop off at yours?” or “I was in M&S earlier and they had your favourite tea - can I drop it off later?” These little thoughtful offers make a huge difference!


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