How to care for soy wax jar candles

How to care for soy wax jar candles

Soy wax candles are an absolute joy (especially scented candles) and are made from soybeans which makes them completely renewable and biodegradable. What’s more, soy candles don’t emit any harmful or toxic gases when they burn, making them better for your health - they are no carcinogens and asthma isn’t triggered by soy wax candles. They burn longer and better than other candles as well, which means that harmful agents don’t need to be added to make the fragrance throw. With all these benefits of soy wax candles, there are still a few things you need to know to make them last as long as possible and burn properly

Soy wax amber glass jar candle scented with rhubarb and fresh mint made in Belfast.

Lighting your candle for the first time.

When you light your candle for the first time, let it burn until the top wax melts completely to the sides, so that you have a pool of wax to the edges of the container. This will prevent tunnelling, and all the wax in your soy wax jar candle will burn instead of just the centre of it. Doing this means you won’t waste loads of the gorgeous scented wax but will get full use from your candle.

The soy wax candles I have made have a cotton wick which is just the right size and thickness to make sure all the wax to the edges can be melted and burned.

I have found some larger candles that would benefit from more than one wick as no matter how long I burned them, the wax pool didn’t reach the edges. I worked hard to make sure I got everything just right, and And Hope Designs candles will not tunnel if you burn them for around 2-3 hours and make sure you get a wax pool to the edges. In doing this, you will get a full 55-60 hours of burn time from these small but mighty candles!

Comfort warm apple pie scented soy wax candle in an amber glass jar hand poured in Belfast

How to make sure your candle burns properly each time.

I have alluded to one of the most important tips already - only light a candle when you have 2 or 3 hours to let it burn for - this will make sure the wax melts to the edges.

There are a few other things to do to make sure your soy wax jar candle burns properly each time you light it.

  • I recommend trimming the wick to around 3-5mm before every burn. This prevents soot buildup around the wick which makes the flame flicker.
    To do this, you can use a wick trimmer or scissors, but I usually just use my index finger and thumb to gently pinch the wick and break some off making it the right length to burn nicely. Do not trim your wick when the candle is burning or when the wax is still hot from being lit recently. Try to remember to do this right before lighting it.
  • Always place the candle on a heat-resistant surface and preferably away from drafts, open windows, fan units or air conditioners. This will make sure the candle burns evenly, and no faster than it should, so you get your full 55+ hours of burn time.

  • Avoid burning for more than three hours at a time. Keeping a candle lit for too long can cause the scented soy wax to lose its fragrance and burn unevenly. In extreme cases, the jar can crack or shatter. To be safe, never leave a candle unattended.

Emmanuel Christmas spice soy wax scented candle in an amber glass jar hand poured in Belfast

How to burn a soy wax jar candle safely

I’m sure a lot of this is common sense and general knowledge but when soy wax candles are this beautiful, it’s easy to get carried away so it bears repeating, just in case!

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets and don't allow the flame to touch any fabric (such as curtains) or walls. It’s also a good idea to keep candles well away from anything flammable, including furniture, clothes, people (including hair) and other household items.

  • Do not use your candle outdoors or in a hot room where the temperature may exceed 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) as the glass jar may break due to thermal shock caused by temperature variations.

  • Never leave a candle unattended and keep it out of reach of children and pets. 

  • Do not burn a candle for longer than 3 hours at a time, as the extended exposure to heat may cause the jar to crack or shatter.

Amber glass jar soy wax candle called still and scented with rhubarb and fresh mint hand poured in Belfast

And Hope Designs candles are poured into amber-coloured glass jars which are heat-resistant, and appropriate for candle burning. If you are going to make your own candles, be mindful that not all glass containers have been treated for heat resistance and can shatter or crack easily when the flame of a candle is lit.

These tips should be all you need to enjoy your soy wax jar candles and make the most of them for as long as possible, enjoying gorgeous scents for hours and hours.

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