4 Ways to Celebrate a Believer's Baptism With A New Christian

4 Ways to Celebrate a Believer's Baptism With A New Christian

As well as being a designer of cards and gifts, I am a Christian who loves and gets quite emotional when I attend a believer's baptism. I was baptised on Easter Sunday when I was 16, and it was such a special day with incredible meaning behind it.

Here are four ways to celebrate with a new Christian as they go through the waters of baptism, and to show your love and support as they publicly declare their allegiance to Jesus and their desire to live for Him.

1. Attend the baptism if you can

If you live locally enough to attend the baptism of a new Christian, please do! It means the world to a teenager or an adult making this declaration of faith in front of witnesses to see a sea of friendly and supporting faces. To have a crowd celebrating with them means the world. It can be a scary thing to nail your colours to the mast, and to have others there who have been there before and are going forwards with the Lord, showing support and love is a huge thing. I remember being so touched that people came from across the country to attend my baptism, and even though it was over twenty years ago, I still remember some of the people who made long journeys to be there with me. It really does show your love and support when you attend an adult baptism. Sending them photos or video footage of the baptism after the day is also a great gift, I still have a VHS of my baptism that someone who attended took and put on video for me. Unfortunately I don't get to watch it often given the lack of video players these days, but it's still a prized possession.

2. Write a card or a note on the occasion of their baptism

Over 20 years after the day of my baptism, I still have a box with a few of the special cards people gave me and sent me to show their love and support. I may be more sentimental than a lot of people, but you cannot overstate the meaningfulness of a card sent at the right time. If you can attend, give the baptised friend a card on the day. If you cannot attend, send one to them in the post to arrive around the date of their baptism.

And Hope Designs, No Ordinary Dip Believer's Baptism Card.

If you're wondering what to include inside the card, words of rejoicing and celebration, delight and encouragement are always well received. You could share your regret at not being able to attend, but assure them of your prayers and support. Share a verse from scripture that has been a blessing and encouragement in your walk with the Lord. It is always so valuable to hear words from more seasoned Christians, so cheer them on with words from the Bible. You could even include a written down prayer that you are praying for them.

And Hope Designs, Apostles Creed Baptism Card for Believers.

Examples of great verses to include in a baptism cards are:

1 Timothy 4:12 - Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Deuteronomy 31:6 - Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Hebrews 11:1Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 

3. Pray for the adult getting baptised

Satan is a prowling lion, seeking to devour. There is nothing that makes him more angry than for people to turn to Christ and live for Him.

So pray protection over the young believer.

Pray for God's mighty hand to give security and to grow the little seedling of faith into an oak of maturity in the faith.

Pray that Satan would have no hold on them.

Pray for a desire to read the word, and for spiritual disciplines and discipleship to be very present in their life.

Prayer is powerful, and God hears you when you intercede for other believers.

Pray for mature older Christians to be around this young Christian to disciple them.

4. Give a present for a baptism

Help the person getting baptised to remember this day with a memento of the baptism. Here are a few ideas of presents for an adult baptism. Give a gift that will encourage them in their faith and keep them learning more about God. A believer's baptism is different to an infant baptism in that they likely already have a Bible and have been reading it. A good present for a believer's baptism will be something that reminds them of their new life in Christ.

And Hope Designs, My Cup Overflows Christian Mug.

This mug with the words "My cup overflows" from Psalm 23 is a perfect baptism present, because of its colour sand the truth in it. The new believer will drink from it every day and remember that they are filled with the Holy Spirit and that their cup truly does overflow with blessings.

And Hope Designs, Be Thou My Vision Christian Mug.

Another option is this mug which has words from an incredible hymn of the faith, Be thou My Vision. These words that start the hymn say "be thou my vision oh Lord of my heart" - aren't these the words a believer seeking to live completely for God and wanting Him first and foremost?

And Hope Designs, Identity in Christ Lined Notebook.

A notebook to write down what they are learning in scripture is a great baptism gift - even better, this one is covered in words that describe the believer - this is their identity in Christ. Another option is the Names of Jesus notebook, reminding them of Who Jesus is, and perhaps giving them a desire to study in greater depth each one of these names and the meaning. A baptism gift which draws them closer to God is perfect.

And Hope Designs, Custom Watercolour Church Painting for Baptism.

I am a watercolour artist and have been commissioned by a handful of people over the last couple of years to paint the church where the baptism took place, along with a date and/or a scripture verse hand lettered below the painting. Here are a few more examples of what I have created.

This is a particularly meaningful gift, and one that is perfect to give to a sibling getting baptised, a child of yours, or if the believer is your husband or wife. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss this option further with me, and to check availability, or order your commissioned Church portrait here - please note any pre-order notice at the top of the page, this will give you an indication of when your custom piece of art will be ready.

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