Gardening heart card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or sending a love note in spring

Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day and a spring note card all sorted in one fell swoop

Send a gardening heart card

Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart, a Mother’s Day card for your mum or you are just wanting a card that is inspired by the return of spring and greenery in the garden, the gardening heart is all three in one.

Gardening heart greetings card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or to write a note for the keen gardener

A card that fits.

The gardening heart was the first card of the Heart Collection, and has been And Hope Designs’ bestseller since it came to be almost two years ago. It flies off the shelves throughout January, February and March, because of celebrations such as Valentine’s Day (the heart shape makes it perfect) and Mother’s Day (bright colours, a few flowers dotted about, a gardening theme and again, the heart shape make it a popular choice) then has a more consistent regularity to its popularity the rest of the year as people choose it as a birthday card or a card to write a friendly note in for someone who loves to garden.

Gardening heart card for garden lover

A collection of hearts

This collection of cards that send oodles of love has grown in to a full on collection of hearts and now includes a heart for bakers (choc full of baking implements and ingredients), a heart for sewing enthusiasts (filled with thread, buttons, needles, pins, scissors and other sewing essentials) and a heart for the lover of camping and the great outdoors.

Camping heart greeting card for lover of the great outdoors

The Heart collection also includes ones for new babies and a festive one for Christmas. More coming soon, including a heart for the knitter in your life and one for bookworms…

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