Teacher thank you gifts from Northern Ireland that are original

Thank your child’s teacher with a simple thoughtful gift

Pin this idea for later - thank you gifts and cards for teachers at the end of termWell, if we ever knew the value of teachers, it’s now!! After what feels like full years of homeschooling during lockdown restrictions, we cannot put in to words how thankful we are for our children’s teachers. I know my kids love their teachers and I really appreciate all they do to teach them each day.

If I were a teacher though, I’d not know what to do with a lot of the well meaning gifts I’d get from pupils each year. So I had a think and came up with a little gift set that includes things that won’t clutter up their houses, will be useful, a little bit special and that aren’t more chocolate or wine (as lovely as those things are, I’m sure they’d be grateful for something different).

This year’s little teacher gift set is themed around bees. Bees are so important to our planet, and ultimately to us, so it’s great to help them at the same time as saying a huge thank you to our teachers and having bunches of colourful flowers to grow and pick as well.

So here it is!

Thank you for bee-ing an awesome teacher card
An A6 card with hexagonal honeycomb shapes, a watercolour bee and a heart shaped trail with the words “thank you for bee-ing an awesome teacher” (I just had to get a pun in there!) which is printed on to lightly textured card and comes with a white envelope. The card is blank inside.

Soap so it is northern Irish honey and goats milk soap
A bar of Soap So It Is “milk and honey” soap. Made with goats milk and real honey, this soap has a lovely delicate smell and is great for sensitive skin. It produces a good amount of bubbles and is made right here in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The bee on the soap packaging matches the bee on the card!

Wildflower seed packets containing 4g of a wide variety of flower seeds
A packet of wildflower seeds selected especially to attract bees and other pollinators. Included in the mix are cornflowers, poppies, purple tansy, zinnia, blue lupin, corn marigold and gypsophila amongst others. There’s a mix of annuals and perennials in a lovely array of colours.

Bee themed thank you teacher gift and card
The set is carefully wrapped and posted in a small box keeping it safe. Get one for your child’s teacher now!


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